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FoodSweep is a revolutionary platform that will meticulously analyze your food costs to ensure you are getting the absolute best deal with your distributor. No upfront payment required, no obligations, completely confidential, keep your same distribution, keep your same food quality, our payment comes from a portion of what we save you. YES, restaurateurs all over the country refer to our platform as the best partner they could have ever integrated into their business.

It’s Simple: Submit 1 month’s invoices of all your food purchases - including food, paper, chemical and fountain beverages. Within 48 hours you will receive an estimated percentage of what you will save under a FoodSweep contract. You won’t have to change your distributor, your food quality or have any business interruptions. Everything stays the same, you just get better costs. No disruption to the business, no change in food quality, no change in distribution - just better costs. That simple.

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What is FoodSweep

FoodSweep is a restaurant’s secret weapon for maximizing profits, strengthening your current distributor relationships, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry. Since our founding in 2011, our restaurant clients are saving an average of 5-7% more than their competitors on food costs. Working with FoodSweep does not change your food distributors, food purchases, or any other part of your current food purchasing method. Never has there been an easier way to save money in food costs without changing a single thing!

Our revolutionary platform confidentially analyzes your food costs for existing savings with your current distributors. We want you to be getting the absolute best deal with your distributors, period. How does FoodSweep save you money? Our company’s insider knowledge of food distribution comes from 100 years of combined industry experience, from former foodservice distribution C-suite executives / CEO’s to restaurant industry leaders. These proprietary insights help FoodSweep approach food purchasing with a deep understanding of your food distributor. We know how to access hidden dollars that amount to millions in savings that could be yours, simply because the team that designed our technology used to be the C-suite executives on the other side of the table hiding it.

FoodSweep manages $150M+ in annual food spend, with $500M on the near horizon by 2023 at our current growth rate. We are pleased and privileged to boast a 90% customer retention rate due to the success and effectiveness of our technology.

With countless past and present success stories, we are so confident in our results that working with FoodSweep has no upfront costs or commitment. We make money when you save money, and there are zero out-of-pocket costs to the restaurant, ever.

We Are Not A Food Distributor. We Are Not A Group Purchasing Organization.

As the most unique food cost expert technology on the market today, we help you work in harmony with your current distributor(s). We are not a food distributor or a replacement for food distributors like Sysco Foods, US Foods, Performance Food Group, Gordon Food Service, etc. We are not a Group Purchasing Organization or a standard procurement group like an Entegra or Foodbuy. We are much more powerful beating all of them on average by 5% - 7% with every comparison. We are not a Co-Op. We are not a run-of-the-mill Food Costs Consultant. We are something restaurants have never seen or experienced before, designed directly by former CEO's of the food distribution industry. We have no bias whatsoever towards who you partner with for food distribution. We can save you money with any distributor you choose or are currently working with, even if you currently have a contract in place, it does not matter.

Our client’s results show that we consistently outperform any GPO, Co-Op or food cost consultant by 5% - 7%. And what restaurant can afford to lose 5% savings, or better question, why would you want to?

How It Works (It’s Easy!):

  • Create an account
  • Upload one month of food purchase invoices
  • Within 48 hours, receive a free, confidential estimate showing how much you would save through FoodSweep with your current distributors
  • Save money! When using FoodSweep, you do not change anything: not your distributor, your food quality, your freedom to choose what you buy or who you buy it from. The only thing we change is increased profits through better food costs with no disruptions to your business

“But what if I’m already getting the best prices possible from my food distributors?”

We hope you are the first restaurant we cannot help because you are buying so well. It has not happened yet, but there is always a first time for everything. In fact, we challenge you to be the first. Knowledge is power, and in this case it won’t cost you a dime to gain the knowledge that you are a power negotiator and your restaurant is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Benefits of Working with FoodSweep

  • Keep all your same distributors. We are not a food distributor like a Sysco Foods, US Foods or Performance Food Group. In fact, we have no food distributor bias of any kind.
  • Keep your same food orders. We have no restrictions on what kind of food or quality of food you buy.
  • Easy peasy to sign-up...create an account, upload one month’s invoices, and watch the savings roll in!
  • No upfront costs...if we can’t save you money because you already have the best food deals out there, awesome. If we can get you better deals, we take a percentage of the savings. So no out-of-pocket expense for you as the restaurant, EVER.
  • Strengthened relationships with your distributors. FoodSweep fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between restaurants and distributors, while also improving service and costs.

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